MIUI ,one of the popular UI’s present in the smartphone brand of Xioami.Today they announced the new version of the miui that is MIUI 12.

This ui makes many changes compared to the previous UI .Many of the Xioami users has been waiting for this.Some of the new features of MIUI 12 are:

New features of MIUI 12:

Dark mode 2.0

Xioami introduced dark mode in MIUI 11 and later on this UI they made a improvements for it.

MIUI 12 developed to improve the readability and to reduce eye strain while using the dark mode.Even the will appear brighter and sharper in the dark mode of the new UI.And mainly the Wallpaper Dimming feature automatically adjust the color of the temperature of the wallpaper.

Global free window

with this new MIUI 12 ,Xioami has expanded the capability of using the small screen usage while using the other apps.Mostly many of the people are not so happy when they use an app and suprisingly gets a notification ,they have to shift from present app to other app so this feature makes it get a floating window to ease access the app, I’m very glad to see this feature,thanks to the MIUI 12.

Privacy Enhacement

Xioami comapny adopts a three pronged approach to improve privacy in MIUI 12.This includes Flare,Barbed wire and mask system.

First,Flare will keep track of the apps that are using in your phone and if any of the app violating Your privacy then it will so the nofication about it

Secondly,Barbed wire is all about permission of the apps to allow camera and other like microphone.In MIUI 12 wont show the always allow button if the app doesn’t require the permission.

Finally,Mask system lets users create and share virtual IDs with apps on their MIUI 12 devices

Improved gestures and Quick settings

Xioami updated the gestures ui and quick settings,they had changed a lot in this MIUI 12 .Apart from these they also updated the Dynamic weather app and AI based Google Assisstant.Xioami will rollout the Beta testings soon and in the end of the Quater 3