Google already released the Android 11 preview 1 and preview 2 ,now google released the Preview 3 .There by it is the last preview released by the google and there after beta testing of android 11 would come on strike.Previously Google supposed to release 6 beta testings but they changed their path and comes with only 3 beta testings.

Google’s android 11 preview come up with some amazing features that will blow your mind

Wireless debugging

Android 11 developer preview 3 comes with wireless debugging .With this you would not always look after for usb cable when you want to connect and transfer files between your computer and your phone.That’s an amazing feature and I like it a lot I always used to look after my cable when ever I want to connect to my Pc.

Undo the closed app

Secondly undo gesture,This undo gesture makes to undo the recent app that you removed from the recent apps .This feature is not so quite good but many of the people unfortunately closes the recent tabs that they are using.

Many of are looking for the best features from the Pixel phones every year even I will be looking for that .Ofcourse I’m also the fan of the pixel phones and their UI,that is clear from any bloatware like some other smart phone brands.

Dismiss ongoing alert notifications

Thirdly this dismissing the ongoing alert notifications.This feature makes the Android 11 cool ,You can remove the alert notifications that is working on your phone and there you can also undo that notification.what an amazing feature to the guys like me that no notification should be left there on my mobile.

And Google also released “ABD Incremental” feature that makes to download huge apk files that is over 2GB like mobile game files with 10x speed.This is the best feature that many of the in these generation are supposed to play games a lot.Presently this is ABD Incremental is only available for Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL,and this will come to the new mobile phones which comes with Android 11 out of the box.

Apart to that the new screenshot ui is also leaked and all are waiting for the beta testings of there pixel 4 devices.