Firstly,I want to make it clear that I didn’t want to make this a spec comparison. I don’t think it is ever wise to compare iPhone specs to Android specs. The two operating systems have different demands.

Oneplus 8 series was launched at $699 in United States on april 14, the very next day Apple come up with their new iPhone SE 2020 with $399Looking at the prices, it makes no sense comparing the two phones. However, it must be noted that they are priced almost equally in India. The iPhone SE is priced at Rs 42,500, whereas the OnePlus 8 just undercuts it at Rs 41,999. And, here’s why you should buy Apple’s latest offering over OnePlus’.

A13 Bionic chip

First things first, the iPhone SE packs the same chip that you get in the iPhone 11 Pro. The latter costs over Rs 1,00,000 in India and iPhone SE is likely to provide similar performance as the chart-topper. The Apple A13 Bionic SoC is a powerhouse. It beats the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip in benchmark tests like Geekbench 5. Yes, it doesn’t offer 5G, but do you really need it right now? Even the 5G spectrum auctions are yet to take place in the country.

iPhone SE 2020 will last longer than Oneplus 8

Secondly, the iPhone SE beats every Android device, hands down, when it comes to software support. The phone ships with iOS 13, and it will get iOS 14 later this year. Further, you can expect it to get the iOS 15, iOS 16 and even the iOS 17 update. On the other hand, OnePlus 8 runs Android 10. It is guaranteed to get the Android 11 update. However, things are expected to slow-down after that.

Yes, the company says it will provide OS support for two years, but looking at the history, and time it takes for the manufacturer to update its old devices, I won’t count on that.

iPhone gets better resale value

A longer life span means a better resale value. If you’d like to sell your iPhone SE in a couple of years, I’m sure you’ll get much more out of it than an OnePlus 8.

The new iPhone SE doesn’t feature the fancy 2020-design. It has big-bezels, yes. But you get what matters the most, the performance, the longevity, the smoothness, the overall experience!

And atlast iphone 12 has supposed to decrease their notch size but we can’t expect full screen display this time also.