Google’s video calling app,Duo has been using a lot due to coronavirus pandemic lockdown that many of the people are staying at home .In fact Google is saying that over 10 million singups has been coming due to coronavirus lockdown and in lot of countries calling times also increased over 10 times.Clearly there by Google Duo is more important these days so Google come up with upgrades in their app.

Supports AV1 Codec

Google duo is end to end encrypted and also uses AI to avoid interruptions in audio.Duo is the only android app that performs excellence in video calling even in low bandwidth and now company is supporting AV1 Codec which should enables better audio quality

Capture photos with better quality

Duo features that ,it will allow users to take pictures during the call,this doesn’t work like a regular screenshot.This feature takes the screenshot placing the photos side by side.

Increase group calling limit

Google recently increased group calling limit to 12 participants in group call from 8 participants.Google company has seen that people are taking group video calls with more than 8 members there by even later google will supposed to increase the limit for the future days.

Send and save personilized messages

Google is working on adding the ability to save personalised messages that users send to each other on the app. These messages include both video and voice messages, as well as photos, notes, and doodles that Duo users can send to each other. The service has also added AR effects to send messages such as “I miss you” or “I’m thinking of you”.