Google already has plans to offer checking accounts  via the Google Pay app, confirmed back in November last year. But, the company is now also rumored to debut virtual, as well as physical debit cards via Google Pay. Yes, Google is said to be working an Apple card competitor to expand its payment app’s potential beyond its current state.

TechCrunch reports  that the checking account and debit card will soon enable users to easily complete payments online or offline. Sources close to the development shared a first look at what the Google debit card may look like (attached above). It will include your name, partner bank’s name, and a QR-code like design that might enable you to access account details by scanning it from within the Google Pay app.

All of the information, including the account balance, purchase history, and the ability to lock a missing card, will be accessible via the Google Pay app. You can see the same in the screenshots attached below. Google will also enable you to track payments based on transaction location – same as Apple Card.